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Working with other professionals is a passion of mine- it is a way to help others stay up to date with best maternal mental health practices as well as a way to support moms on a bigger scale! 

Professional services include case consultation. resource and referral services, informative and interactive presentations, and other trainings.

Audiences who benefit from the above services include:

  • Healthcare providers including pediatricians, OBGYNs, midwives

  • Behavioral Health Specialists 

  • Childbirth educators (doulas, lactation consultants)

  • School Systems

  • Other professionals who work with parents



Examples of Topics Include: 

  • Motherhood Anxiety and Stress

    • Tips to Reduce Symptoms

    • How this may present

    • Ways our body responds

  • Female ADHD

    • Signs and Symptoms

    • What to look for

    • Accommodations at home or in the workplace

  • Perinatal Mental Health 

    • Postpartum Depression and Anxiety- What to look for​

    • Postpartum Psychosis

    • "What Not to Say" to the new mom

  • Prioritizing Self-Care ​​

  • The Importance of Setting Boundaries​​

*All presentations are customized to audience and topic of interest.

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