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As moms, we have a lot on our plate.  And often, our needs and wants drop down to the bottom of our lists.  I'm here to tell you that YOU matter.  You deserve to be heard.  It's possible to embrace being a mother, a partner, a worker, a woman, and whatever other role you choose to take on, AND find joy.  Imagine having the time and space to pursue your passions or connect with friends or family.

It's time to release the unrealistic expectations, confront the anxiety and fears, learn how to set the's time to free yourself. 

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motherhood stress and anxiety

Biologically we were created to protect and survive.  One way to do this is to listen to our body, recognize our needs, and make sure they are met.

Socially, women have been taught that sacrificing their own needs for those of others is the "right thing to do".  Our bodies are in direct conflict with our environment...hello stress!


Experiencing ADHD as a mom brings on a completely unique and additional layer of challenges that those without ADHD symptoms can't comprehend.

Understanding your ADHD brain, recognizing your challenges, and identifying your support, strengths, and resources are crucial to lowering stress and increasing the level of joy in your life.

*Also providing support for parents of ADHD kids.

pregnancy and postpartum

 Many parents, new and veteran, come to parenting with certain expectations of themselves as both parents and partners. In addition, other hardships and myths of motherhood can make this time one of the most challenging in any woman's life.  Let's talk about the things you think no one else is thinking...I guarantee YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


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