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One of the hardest things about being a parent is finding time…for anything... especially finding time for yourself.  This is one of the main reasons I engage in a short-term, solution-focused therapy model- a technique designed to provide symptom relief while also giving you practical skills and tools you can use in your every day life.  

Stressed out mom
mom and daughter hug
calm, pause, balance

I get it. I’ve been there.  Every single thing I specialize in I have had first-hand experience in.  I have delved in, gone into hyperfocus- I’ve done the research for you.  I also happen to have the education. 🙂

And not just the degree; real-life experience with moms in different settings and on different continents: as a school counselor in Detroit and Birmingham, as a teacher in the Middle East, as an event planner in a non-profit, as a consultant in Labor and Delivery, as the owner of a small business, as a community member and active volunteer at my children's school...I have interacted with moms on so many different levels and in different roles and I have heard the commonalities among us all…this parenting thing is HARD.  It’s not just you.  But we are all so dang afraid to talk about it.

The next thing: I believe in a holistic approach to stability.  We don’t live in a bubble and therapy doesn’t solely exist in the one hour we meet either.  Everything is connected; our physical health, our habits, our genetics.  Our sleep, what we eat, how we think…everything works together and can make our quality of life better (or worse).  Did you know that holding your pee can affect how you make decisions?  Or that even if our stomach isn't hungry our brain may still need fuel?  We look at everything together, as well as individually. 

And lastly, while it is extremely important to understand the root causes of our feelings as well as our triggers, it is also important to be practical and to make life feel more manageable.  We focus on the NOW:

- How can we mitigate our symptoms so breathing feels easier?

- What are some ways we can steal back time during the day?

- How can we shift our mindset so that the dishes in the sink and laundry in the hamper aren't calling our name non-stop?

Prioritizing the humans (and fur friends) in our lives, including ourselves, CAN be done, and it is the opposite of's necessary to thrive.


You can feel two conflicting emotions at once (and it's perfectly ok to be angry or resentful while also feeling grateful).

There are no "bad" feelings.

"Me-Time" is essential for family functioning (and there is an infinite amount of ways this can look).

Recognition and communication of needs is key in all successful relationships (even/especially the relationship with yourself!)


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