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After careful consideration, I have opted to operate on a private-pay basis.  This decision allows me to prioritize individual client needs and provide flexible appointment scheduling, personalized treatment plans, and streamlined communication.  While I do not currently accept insurance or work with insurance companies in any capacity, I am happy to offer flexible payment plans, insurance referrals, as well as complimentary resources. Please feel free to discuss your payment options and needs during our consultation.


Welcome to our first session! To prepare for our meeting, you'll fill out some brief paperwork to help me understand your background and concerns. Then, we'll have an open conversation where you can share your story and I can ask clarifying questions.  By the end of our session, you'll have a clear understanding of my approach, what to expect in our sessions, and how we can collaboratively address your goals, all while feeling empowered to move forward with a sense of hope.

60 min., $195


This targeted 30-minutes is designed to provide focused support and actionable steps. Whether you're navigating a current challenge, brainstorming solutions, or simply seeking immediate feedback, this option is tailored to maximize your valuable time. Get straight to the point: share an agenda ahead of time (optional) and come ready to work.  Connect on your terms- choose from a convenient phone chat or a more personal face-to-face Zoom session.

30 min., $100


Following our initial meeting, we'll discuss what our upcoming time together looks like. The length and frequency of our sessions will be tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Our sessions can address a wide range of areas and will focus on what is needed to reach our goals.

Each session will conclude with takeaways and homework, designed to empower you to apply our discussions in your daily life. Together, we'll celebrate your progress and navigate the challenges that arise.

55 min., $165


Life throws us curveballs. Whether it's your child's or your own well-being, your career, or your relationship, navigating a path forward can sometimes feel daunting. 

Together we will pause, and take a breath.  We will identify the situation, explore your concerns, discuss support options, and create a personalized plan.

Leave our session feeling empowered with clear next steps, valuable resources, and practical tools to manage your unique situation with confidence.

90 min., $225

For custom options, including packages, please email

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